Digital Marketing

Also what we lovingly call “playing the long game”

Why is digital marketing important?

Digital marketing is a cost effective and measurable way to reach your existing customer base while building brand loyalty. A.K.A, playing the long game, but a trackable, affordable long game.

Traditional mailers are hard to track and can often lead to an inaccurate ROI. Let’s say you want to reach 5,000 of your customers to promote your latest promotion. You spend $2,000.00 dollars designing and printing a postcard mailer, then you spend another $1,500.00 in postage to mail it.

How effective was your investment? How many people actually looked at or read your postcard? Was anyone interested in any other services you offer? How many people simply ignore your efforts? Did anyone go to your website after they received your mailer?

Some of these questions can be answered but it will take a well-trained office staff who are highly detail oriented to get a fairly accurate report.

With digital marketing ALL of these questions can be answered in real-time with valuable marketing information you can use to cater future individual emails to your client’s specific interest. Advertising is expensive, let us help you get the best marketing data based on your clients’ needs so you can increase your ROI and brand awareness.

Our Digital Marketing Services Include:

• Social Media Design & Management

• eBlasts/eNewsletters

• Basic Website Design & Management